10 Great First Date Ideas

Online dating is great, but at some point in time, you have to meet your match in person. Finding something fun to do with someone new can be a daunting task. We’ve come up with 10 incredible first date ideas to help make your first meeting a success.

#1 – Dinner and a Movie.

We know, we know. Not exactly original. But when people meet for the first time, performing a comfortable ritual can help take the nervous edge off.

#2 – Physical Activity

Whether it’s afternoon game of catch in the park, a wintry turn around the ice skating rink or even a morning stroll to a favorite breakfast spot, physical activity allows for close contact and something tangible on which to focus.

#3 – Morning at the Museum

Science, art or natural history, a museum date gives you an opportunity to observe your match in an academic setting. The objects on display provide topics for conversation.

#4 – Surprise Observations

Chances are good that by the time you are ready to meet in person, you know a little something about your date. Prove you’ve been listening by surprising them with tickets to their favorite sporting event, concert or play.

#5 – Learn Together

Community centers often offer classes on a variety of topics. Spend time together doing something new while you learn about each other.

#6 – Sightsee Through New Eyes

A walk through the city with someone new can open your eyes to a wealth of sights you’ve never seen before. The walk also provides time for conversation.

#7 – Whimsical Fun

Consider visiting an arcade, go-kart track or miniature golf course. Doing silly things will allow both of you to relax and enjoy the task at hand.

#8 – Picnic in the Park

Pack a picnic lunch and spread a blanket on the grass. Admire the duck pond and toss a Frisbee. An afternoon spent in the park is a relaxing, no-pressure idea for a first date and best of all, it’s completely free!

#9 – Hit an Amusement Park

If you’re lucky enough to have one close by, an amusement park is a great first date idea. The roller coasters will provide a release for pent-up adrenalin while the fun atmosphere should provide plenty of entertainment.

#10 – Act Like a Monkey

The zoo is an amazing first date location. The entertainment is provided for you and the cost is negligible. Spending an afternoon strolling through the exhibits allows for ample conversation and plenty of distractions for those awkward lulls.

Planning a date with someone you’ve never met can be stressful, but with our ten never-fail tips, you’ll be planning a second date in no time flat!


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