What Men Want

Delving into the murky waters of online dating can be frightening for many women. Finding a suitable match is hard enough. Ensuring that you are appealing to that match is even tougher. Women need to understand what men want in order to make themselves more marketable. Although the question seems daunting, the answer is simple enough. In an attempt to dissuade myth and rumor we will now reveal what men are looking for in a woman.

Men want their women to be sure of themselves and have a mind of their own. Confidence in a woman is very attractive to a man. It shows him that she is capable of living without him. Men are naturally independent creatures who fear “being tied down”. Although they want a stable relationship as much as a woman does, they do not want to give up their own lives. Being with a confident woman reassures them that they are free to have a romantic relationship with someone who is not going to depend on them for all of their emotional needs.

Spontaneity and Adventure
A man wants a woman who is unpredictable. While dinner and a movie is fun once in awhile, men have trouble settling into a pattern. Catch his attention by doing something off-the-wall. Book a skydiving trip or hit the fresh powder on a pair of rented snowmobiles. Showing him that you’re open to a fast-paced lifestyle will have him considering settling down with you.

Physical Attraction
Let’s face it. As shallow as it may sound, men want a woman who pleases their senses. This is not to say that you need to be perfectly proportioned in order to catch his eye. Make a concentrated effort to do the best with what you have. Dress attractively and play up your best features. Remember: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Physical attributes that attract one man may not be appealing to another.

Men have a well-documented fear of commitment but are willing to make an exception for a woman who is confident, adventurous and attractive. Knowing what men want may make it easier to modify some of your characteristics in order to be more alluring to the opposite sex. However, it is important to remain true to yourself. Changing your entire personality for a man is not advisable. There is someone out there who will love you just the way you are.

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