What Women Want

Men believe that women are some great mystery. The truth is, a woman is more like a man than he knows. Slightly afraid of commitment, easily swayed by a pretty face and as ready for adventure as her male counterparts, in the end, women just want to love and be loved. Read on to discover the things a woman really wants in her man.

A woman craves an emotional connection. She needs to feel that her partner truly understands her. While physical intimacy is important to any relationship, emotional intimacy is paramount in a woman’s mind. She needs to feel she is being heard without being judged. She needs to know that you truly understand her. A relationship without intimacy is doomed to failure. Yes. It’s that important.

The modern woman has come a long way from the barefoot-and-pregnant days of yesteryear. Today’s woman successfully juggles family, career and a social life, and she’d like just a tiny bit of respect for it, thank you very much. Ask her how her day was and really listen to her response. Show her how much you appreciate her. Allow her the freedom to make her own decisions and the respect that comes with knowing she will make the right choice. Understand what she deals with on a daily basis and do your best to help her out. Your efforts will not go unrewarded.

Loyalty is important to a woman. She needs to know that you will remain faithful, sexually or otherwise. While men fear their woman will stray in a physical way, a woman would be much more hurt by her man having an emotional affair. Although she may have a propensity to become jealous, showing her that she’s the only one in your life can alleviate suspicion and create a better relationship for both of you. Be loyal to her in words and in action. Stand up for her in times of crisis. A woman with a loyal man will return his faithfulness tenfold.

A woman looks for core characteristics in a potential partner. She wants an emotional connection, basic respect and unerring loyalty. Earning the key to a woman’s heart is not at all difficult once you have learned how to give her the love, respect and fidelity that she desires.


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